Remediation and Sanitizing

The OAR team will conduct a thorough cleaning for the entire facility from head to toe. Most operators are having custodians wipe down all surfaces which is helpful but only to an extent.

The COVID-19 virus can become airborne and limits any routine wipe down efforts. OAR’s fogging services offers complete coverage of the facility by fogging each room including offices, bunk rooms, bathrooms, workshops, galleys, etc. In addition to spraying each room, we will fog the HVAC system and all associated duct work for total coverage. The EPA approved product that we use is non-toxic to humans or marine life but lethal to bacteria, fungi, and micro organisms (such as staph, flu, and the recent COVID-19 virus). Our services are performed quickly and with minimal footprint to limit impact on your operations. See below for these and other remediation services:

  • Thorough COVID-19 fogging services from head to toe, including HVAC system
  • Infectious Disease Outbreak Management (IDOM)
  • Critical analysis of biological contamination
  • Detailing remediation procedures
  • Restoration recommendations
  • 24/7 customer service support

We also provide an array of products from Fresh-Aire UV. Fresh-Aire UV is an innovation leader in the field of indoor air quality. Their award-winning UV light and carbon products are designed to fit discreetly within AC units that help to prevent and fight mold, bacteria, viruses and odors that are continuously circulating throughout your facility. Not only will it increase your indoor air quality, it will help to keep your system free of mold, which translates to better efficiency and less maintenance. For additional information click the link below.